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Within the framework of the exhibition Munich 1972: The Design of a Democratic Body at Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Goethe-Institut organised a lecture by cultural historian Kay Schiller. After the lecture, the curator of the exhibition Marten Kuijpers (Het Nieuwe Instituut) had a conversation with Schiller.


This Reading Room reflected on the mechanisms of terrorist image production. Which visual qualities and media strategies – strategies that are now deployed just as effectively by nation states – are mobilised in the spectacle of terror? With Felix Ensslin, Professor of Aesthetics and Art Mediation at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and Laurent de Sutter, Professor of Legal Theory at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Moderated by Marten Kuijpers (Het Nieuwe Instituut).

Marten Kuijpers
Isa Fahrenholz, Merav Kaddar
Bart Guldemond
David Bennewith, Bram van den Berg

This project is part of the programme track Annual themes and the folder Olympic Games.